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About Island Wildlife

          Island Wildlife Natural Care Centre, founded in 1997 by Jeff Lederman is a registered charity dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned wild animals. We have earned permits from the Ministry of the Environment, Environment and Climate Change Canada and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Island Wildlife responds to calls regarding all indigenous species from the Gulf Islands of British Columbia and Vancouver Island. A volunteer is always available to pick up and safely transport wildlife.

          In addition to conventional veterinary protocols we utilize alternative, non-toxic treatments such as herbal tinctures, homeopathy and physical therapies. We have found that this comprehensive approach affords our wild patients the best chance for survival.  We believe that the quality of life is everything. In keeping with that philosophy we maintain no display animals or permanent captives. Island Wildlife is a wildlife hospital.

          We are often told that many of the species we treat are not threatened populations. While this may be true, the work we do means everything to a fawn who has just been made an orphan by an automobile, to a harbour seal dying slowly on the beach because its mother drowned in a fishing net, or to a bald eagle flightless and dying from lead poisoning.

          We see animals as independent lives, not as populations. If today we can prevent the needless suffering of a single animal, then we have done important work.

" Island Wildlife, one of the leading wildlife centres in North America, passionately care for the orphaned, sick and injured wildlife that come to them every season." - Martha Stewart

"I feel very connected to Island Wildlife Natural Care Centre, to Jeff Lederman and his entire staff. We are working together for the same end."

- Sam Graci

"Whether it's saving an endangered species or rehabilitating Harbour Seals for release back into the Strait of Georgia, I am forever moved by the dedication of so many people working to preserve the world of nature. Island Wildlife, it's a great place for wild animals."

- Jack Hanna

For well over 20 years the Brigitte Bardot Foundation has supported the goals of Island Wildlife.

The Brigitte Bardot Foundation is the world-wide protector of animal welfare. The Foundation not only works directly

in the field, but also intervenes at the judicial level. Internationally, The Foundation's activities range from creating

a bear sanctuary in Bulgaria to fighting the seal slaughter in Canada.

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